“Make AI available to all developers”

AICamp, with the mission of “Make AI available to all developers”, is a global online AI learning platform for developers, engineers, data scientists to learn and practice AI technology, via online tech talks, workshops, bootcamps, courses and large tech conferences. Our goal is to enable every developers to learn AI from any where any time.  We’re one of largest AI tech communities with 90,000+ developers around the world in the group,  and have 50+ local learning groups from 15+ countries.  We have hosted more than 500 tech meetups, bootcamps, workshops, bootcamps, and large tech conferences.


Topics Submission:

Thank you for being interested in presenting at AICamp. With our largest AI tech communities in US and globally and developers focused. Your talk will be reach out to many like-minded developers, tech engineers, and data scientists.

  • Submission for webinar:

The talk will be conducted online and audiences (most of them are developers) will join remotely, they can listen, watch and Q&A. we usually have hundreds of developers join from all over the world (depends on the topics).

  • The session will be 45mins long (30mins talk + 15mins Q&A). The content needs to be technology focused, and share the real world experiences, practices, and solutions. Benefit to all developers. Sorry, no marketing or sales pitches.
  • We use zoom.us (the video conference tool) and you can do it from home/office with internet connectivity.
  • we usually schedule at 10am PST or 7pm PST weekday, a couple of weeks ahead of talk date will be fine.
  • If this looks good to you, please send the following info to us at: admin@atiglobal.org
    • Speaker info: Name, Title, Company, Bio, Headshot
    • Talk info: Topic, Abstract, What will I learn, Difficulty Level, Preferred talking dates.
    • After receiving your submission, we will review and get back to you with confirmation in a couple of days.
  • you can take a look at the past and up coming webinars