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For all live tech talks, you can listen, watch, and Q&A with speaker from anywhere in the world.  Most talks recorded videos will be available on youtube.

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Up Coming

Date:  5/25/2018, Fri,  10:00am-5:00pm PST

Title: Building Conversational Experiences with Actions on Google

Speaker: Nick, Jessica, Google Engineer

Abstract: This is to livestream the workshop of create actions on Google assistant hosted at Google mountain view campus. visit website for details or attend in person:
we will livestream the tech talks, and after tech talks, you can stay connected on the video conference and continue to work on the code labs, with attendees onsite.

Past Events

Date:  5/16/2018, Wednesday 6:30pm-8:00pm PST

Title: Deep Learning Models and Methods for Speech by Intel AI

Speaker: Oguz,  Research Scientist at Intel

Abstract: Fast and accurate recognition of short utterances of a limited vocabulary, which we refer to as “Speech Commands”, can be important in multiple application domains such as robotics and personalized edge devices. In this presentation, we will show how to attain state of the art results using deep learning models and methods benchmarked on the recently released speech commands dataset . Specifically, we will present the full pipeline (data augmentation, preprocessing, model topology, hyperparameter tuning) with an emphasis on using semi-supervised learning methods to leverage the vast amount of unlabeled data to significantly improve model performance.

Date:  5/9/2018, Wednesday 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

Title: Amazon Lambda and the Transition to Cloud2.0

Speaker: Jack Mills

Abstract: The Lambda service from Amazon, and similar services from Microsoft and Google, signals the arrival of the Actor/CSP model in the cloud. The current Lambda services are the beginning of an evolutionary path that will ultimately replace the VM-based cloud usage model of today. In this talk Jack Mills will give a tutorial on the Lambda usage model, its pricing behavior, some details on the internal infrastructure Amazon uses to implement Lambda, and some prognostications on how Lambda-like services will transform cloud computing in the future

Date: 4/18/2018, Wednesday 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

Title:Using NLP and Machine Learning to improve customer care at Uber

Speaker: Huaixiu Zheng, Senior Data Scientist in Uber

Abstract:COTA stands for Customer Obsession Ticket Assistant, a tool that uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to help agents deliver better customer support. Leveraging our Michelangelo machine learning-as-a-service platform on top of our customer support platform, COTA enables quick and efficient issue resolution for more than 90 percent of our inbound support tickets, surfacing daily on our platform across 400+ cities worldwide. In this event, we discuss our motivations behind creating COTA, outline its backend architecture, building the COTA backend with NLP and ML and showcase how the powerful tool has led to increased customer satisfaction

Date: 4/12/2018, Thursday 9:00am-10:00am PST

Title: Deep Learning for building intelligent systems

Speaker: Jeff Dean, Google Senior Fellow

Abstract:For the past six years, the Google Brain team ( has conducted research on difficult problems in artificial intelligence, on building large-scale computer systems for machine learning research, and, in collaboration with many teams at Google, on applying our research and systems to dozens of Google products. Our group has open-sourced the TensorFlow system (, a widely popular system designed to easily express machine learning ideas, and to quickly train, evaluate and deploy machine learning systems. In this talk, I’ll highlight some of the research and computer systems work we’ve done and the progress we’ve made in tackling problems in a wide variety of areas. This talk describes joint work with many people at Google.

Keynote at AI NEXTCon SF 4/10-13, 2018.

Date: 4/12/2018, Thursday 11:00am-12:00am PST

Title: Visual discovery at Pinterest

Speaker: Jure Leskovec, Chief Scientist of Pinterest


Keynote at AI NEXTCon SF 4/10-13, 2018.